Why Rent Art For Your Office in 2024? - Why Rent Art For Your Office in 2024? -
Why Rent Art For Your Office in 2024?

Why Rent Art For Your Office in 2024?

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jan 08, 2024

You may have asked why rent art for your office? This blog post serves to shed light on this issue, to provide a deeper understanding of the immense benefits that come with having art in a work environment.

Art has always been the beating heart pulsating with the rhythm of life, and our mission at IPaintMyMind is to make that heart accessible to everyone. And as such, we espouse a robust appreciation for art in a multitude of spaces, including office spaces.

The Power of Art Rentals in Workspaces

Art is not merely a luxury, it is potent, it is transformative, and it is necessary. The works of art adorning your office walls are not merely meant for decoration; instead, they serve as catalysts for a healthier, more inspiring workplace. They motivate, inspire and uplift the morale of everyone who walks through your office doors.

Art sets the tone, mood, and atmosphere of a workplace. It is an essential part of establishing a company’s identity and corporate culture. It speaks volumes about the values, ethos, and aesthetic preferences of a company. A thoughtfully curated piece of art enriches the ambiance, making the space more welcoming and stimulating.

Inspiring Change through Art

As we’ve always emphasized, art possesses the potential to radically change perspectives and environments. This is an inherent strength that art commands, no matter where it’s displayed. In an office setting, art fosters an atmosphere of creativity, encourages free thinking, and nurtures innovation, assisting in fostering a change-friendly culture.

Art can spur conversations and stimulate intellectual engagement amongst employees, becoming a bridge to foster better relationships at work. It can inspire fresh ideas, prompt introspection, and engender a renewed sense of motivation. In essence, the right piece of art can be a monumental catalyst for change in any workspace.


Art Rentals: A Sustainable Solution

Finally, the model of renting art, as opposed to purchasing, offers a solution that’s not just financially intelligent but also sustainable and ethical. Constantly revolving art in your office is a great way to get employees excited and engaged about coming back to the office.

Art rental allows you to introduce new pieces regularly, keeping the workspace atmosphere fresh and dynamic. It also supports artists and ensures that artwork gets the exposure it deserves. Furthermore, it’s an environmentally responsible choice as it promotes reuse and rotation over single use and disposal.

So, why rent art for your office? For the energy, the transformation, and the inspiration it brings! Immerse yourself in the rest of this post to discover more on this subject in depth.

Rent Art: Transforming the Office Environment

Imagine walking into your workspace to be greeted by a vibrant, stimulating, art-filled atmosphere. Art can transform an office, taking it from a sterile, uninspiring cubicle farm into a dynamic, thought-provoking environment. Renting art gives your office the flexibility to change its look periodically, keeping the aesthetic fresh and innovative.

Art-rental service providers, like IPaintMyMind, offer a range of limited edition artworks from established as well as upcoming artists. The availability of diverse works of art ensures that you can choose pieces that align with your brand, office design, and ambiance. 

You don’t have to purchase a piece outright – you can rent art and update it regularly to keep the office’s environment engaging and vibrant.

Unlike static office design elements, art is fluid. Different styles, mediums, and artists make for a continually evolving decor. This rotation of artworks does more than just beautify the workspace. It triggers new thoughts, ideas and conversations among employees, fostering an environment of dynamic creativity.

Art Rental and Fostering Creativity in the Office

The impact of a work environment on employee creativity cannot be understated. A carefully curated art collection can do wonders to foster creativity and innovation. It can encourage employees to think outside the box, find inspiration in the unexpected, and generate innovative solutions.

Art rental services, such as IPaintMyMind’s Get Art, Give back art rentals, highlight the transformative role of art in workspaces, as well as the impact they can have outside the office right in your own backyard. 

Integrating art into office spaces can improve employee productivity by 35%. Furthermore, the inclusion of art in the workspace can enhance employee morale by as much as 42%!!

Adding art pieces to the office environment is not purely about aesthetics. It’s about the interplay of hues, forms, and textures that may provoke thought, trigger ideas, or simply provide a moment of inspiration amid the daily grind. These moments can be the seeds of innovation, and art rental makes it conveniently possible to keep the creativity flowing in the workspace.

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The Impact of Art on Employee Morale and Productivity

A happy employee is a productive employee. A well-decorated, lively environment can significantly boost employee morale, leading to improved productivity and job satisfaction. Warm, inviting spaces made possible through art rental can create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable, inspired, and valued.

Workplaces that utilize art have shown significant boosts in morale and productivity. Subscribing to art rental services allows offices to keep updating their spaces, maintaining high levels of employee motivation and engagement. An art-filled workspace can make employees look forward to walking into the office every day, thereby reducing stress and elevating overall mood.

The periodic introduction of new artworks through a rental model also provides employees with something exciting to look forward to. This frequent change prevents the workspace from becoming monotonous and stale, and keeps the juices of creativity flowing.

Art and Its Lasting Impression on Clients

First impressions matter. An office space adorned with a tastefully curated collection of artworks presents an image of sophistication, prestige, and intellectual curiosity. It suggests that the company values creativity, innovation, and the human experience. Renting art makes it practical and affordable to make such an impression.

From the moment a client walks into an art-filled reception area, art conveys the company’s commitment to quality, creativity, and professionalism. It serves as a bridge for building relationships, offering a great conversation starter or providing a quiet moment of reflection.

Moreover, art rental like those provided by our team here at IPaintMyMind allows you to choose pieces that resonate with your brand’s personality and values. 

Unlike fixed office design elements, art can be changed and updated, keeping the brand image updated.

In conclusion, renting art for your office extends beyond aesthetics. It’s an investment in creativity, innovation, and personal well-being. It has proved to be a game-changer for many workplaces around the world, changing them into vibrant, innovative spaces. It’s an opportunity to transform your space, and it’s well within your grasp.

How Art Rentals Work with IPaintMyMind

One of the key queries that come up in conversations about art rentals for offices is the process. Let’s dive deep into understanding the aspects that constitute this journey of bringing transformative art into your office space.

  • Choosing the Right Art for Your Office

The first step in the process is picking the right piece or collection of artwork. The art you choose can speak volumes about your organization’s personality, values, and ethos. Selecting artworks that align with your brand’s image while creating a stimulating environment can sometimes feel daunting. 

This is where the role of our art consultants comes into play. Utilizing their expertise, passion, and knowledge of both established and rising artists, they curate proposals tailored to fit your budget and vision. The choice extends beyond pre-existing works; you can commission artists to create site-specific art installations, ensuring the artwork tells your unique story.

  • Art Rental Agreements and Terms

An integral aspect to consider while renting art is the rental agreements and their terms. Most art rental services offer different subscription packages suited to various budget ranges. For instance, at IPMM we have three packages as well as custom integrations available. 

Our introductory art rental package can be an affordable way to feature a rotation of different artworks in your office. On the other hand, our medium subscription incorporates more pieces and the large art rental subscription can be the perfect choice, sourcing works from hundreds of artists around the nation.

  • Installation and Maintenance of Art Pieces

Once the ideal artwork has been selected and terms agreed upon the focus shifts to the installation and maintenance of these pieces. Our art rental service aims to provide a seamless experience for clients. This includes facilitating not just the shipping of the artwork but also expert installation. 

  • Regular Rotation of Artworks

One of the most exciting features of art rental is the ability to rotate artworks regularly. This dynamic transformative power of art means that your workspace is continually evolving, stimulating fresh dialogues and ideas. This regular rotation also guarantees that your office environment remains engaging, helping to encourage creativity, foster innovation, and boost productivity.

With IPaintMyMind’s art rental for offices, you get the unique opportunity to not just bring art into your workspace but also renew and refresh it regularly, and give back to teachers and schools in your area all at the same time! Get art, give back! 

IPaintMyMind is the only organization mobilizing this unique Art + Impact model.

Learn more today then reach out to our team to get started!

Understanding the Cost of Art Rentals for Offices

Renting art is a refreshing and dynamic approach to enhancing office environments. However, the financial implications of art rental can often seem daunting; but, in actuality, art rental can offer a cost-effective solution to infuse stimulating aesthetics into your workspace.

Especially with IPMM.

For a subscription fee starting at $999 per month, our subscription services include other benefits, like complimentary advisory services, shipping, and installation of the artworks, which would otherwise incur additional costs. 

In essence, the cost of art rental is not merely a financial transaction, but an investment towards creating vibrant, stimulating environments that foster creativity and bolster employee morale.

The cost of art rental varies depending on the provider, but at IPaintMyMind, our network of artists and options mean we can find a perfect fit regardless of aesthetics,

Cost Comparison: Buying Art vs Renting Art

The decision between buying art and renting art can be approached from several angles. Purchasing art can seem like a substantial one-time investment compared to the recurring cost of art rental. However, the static nature of purchased art doesn’t offer the dynamism and freshness that renting and rotating art does.

Less upfront cost and the freedom to update and rotate artwork, combined with the additional services like shipping and installation, makes renting art a highly value-for-money proposition as compared to buying art.

How to Get Value for Your Money

With IPaintMyMind, you not only get art but you also become part of giving back to your community. The value is in the art subscription but also the story you tell every time you host partners in your office space.

When working with IPMM, it’s two birds with one stone, or more aptly, two value propositions with one cost.

Renting art for your office is not an expense, it’s an investment. 

It’s an investment in improving your work environment, boosting morale, and increasing productivity among your team. It’s a testament to the transformative power of art and its potential to drive change within the business setting, and for companies that care about giving back, working with IPaintMyMind is the best way to get value for money.


How Rented Art Transformed Discover Financial Services’ Office in Chicago

At Discover Financial Services, art rentals for offices hasn’t just been about livening up walls with vibrant colors and thought-provoking pieces. It’s been a journey towards transforming the very essence of their office culture. Discover Financial Services recognized that art could bridge the gap between corporate rigidity and community engagement, making their workspace less of a confined cubicle and more of an open canvas to host events and invite people to be part of the companies’ presence.

There’s a palpable difference noted by the employees themselves. The presence of artwork doesn’t just offer up visual stimulation; it also initiates crucial conversations, stimulates innovative perspectives and fosters a sense of collective identity. The rented pieces have essentially allowed Discover Financial Services to construct an inspiring story on its wall, bearing witness to the art journey they’ve embarked on together.

When it came to choosing the artwork for their office, Discover Financial Services was particular about pieces that align with their values. Each rented piece, had a curatorial focus of featuring black artists and artwork, so as to reflect the community. By renting art, they’ve not only refreshed their office environment but also reinforced their corporate culture!

Client Reactions to Discover Financial Services Art-Filled Office

In the corporate world, first impressions matter. Discover Financial Services understands this well and leveraged art rental to create a stunning image for itself. The response from their clientele to their art-filled office has been overwhelmingly positive. The rented art pieces adorning their office walls provide an insight into their commitment to fostering creativity, calling attention to their unique identity.

The carefully curated selection of artworks in Discover Financial Services office does more than just leave the clients in awe; it initiates a dialogue that goes beyond the realm of their business services. A favorite among clients is a rotating gallery in the community area, featuring striking artworks by local artists. By integrating art into their workspace, Discover Financial Services has not only cultivated an enriching environment for their employees but also created a lasting impression on their clients.


Embarking on the art rental journey is about embracing the transformative power of art, crafting a dynamic and inspiring workspace that feeds the creative spirit and fuels innovative thought. 

The presence of art ignites dialogue, stimulates imagination, and importantly, elevates the morale and productivity of your team. Furthermore, going the rental way is an exciting, sustainable, and cost-effective strategy to keep your workspace aesthetically novel and vibrant. 

At IPaintMyMind, we believe in this transformative power of art and its potential to reinvent your office space, turning it into a hub of creativity, innovation, and inspiration. Art isn’t merely about aesthetics in this context. It’s a potent catalyst, a harbinger of change. Experience this transformation by renting art for your workspace, and be a part of our mission to democratize access to art, making it a lived reality!

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jan 08, 2024