Wildwood Elementary x Shared Walls™ - A is for Anchovies - Wildwood Elementary x Shared Walls™ - A is for Anchovies -
Wildwood Elementary x Shared Walls™ – A is for Anchovies

Wildwood Elementary x Shared Walls™ – A is for Anchovies

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Sep 07, 2015

These are the partnerships that make our hearts swell, spread the word about our mission better than any e-blast could, and prove that art needs to be a part of everyone’s experience.

From the moment we started working with Principal Mary Beth Cunat at Wildwood Elementary School, we knew we had tapped into a leader who is all about serving her community as best she can. Her enthusiasm, diligence, and appreciation for what we’re doing with Shared Walls™ made us intent on delivering the transformative power art provides.

When we spoke on the phone about the opportunity, she said, “I’m going to cry from gratitude that you’ve chosen us to participate in the Shared Walls™ program.

And well, for us, it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Wildwood was blessed this year, in that they are unveiling a brand new annex to their building, and what better way to make it come to life than to add a collection of art connecting the two buildings. So that’s exactly what we did.

For this installation, we’ve loaned Wildwood 26 prints from the IPaintMyMind Collection by St. Louis-based artist & illustrator, Vidhya Nagarajan. Vid is a longtime friend of IPaintMyMind, having been part of the third edition of our Print Project.

Since then, we acquired her entire ‘Foodie Alphabet’ series by initiating our own unique production of the prints in collaboration with our good friend at Static Medium in Los Angeles (a high quality print house that produces art prints & photography giclees). The prints turned out great, and Wildwood Elementary is where they’ll reside for the next 12 months!

As we build toward installing Shared Walls™ exhibitions in every ward, we’re tracking our progress with our very own Ward Map! As always, if you know of worthy spaces in any ward we haven’t been in yet, please contact us ideas@ipaintmymindorg & let us know about it!


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Shared Walls by IPaintMyMind™ transforms spaces both for businesses and the public through temporary art exhibitions that focus on affordable & emerging artwork.


Our growing collection of art is loaned out in curated portions so that all this vibrant art can live in communities, where people live, work, and play. The great part is, revenue from private exhibitions as well as grants & donations fund FREE exhibitions at parks, libraries, schools, and community centers; spaces that have the need for art but don’t have the budget.

Want to participate? Contact us!





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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Sep 07, 2015