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Workplace Murals: Data Proves Office Art Enhances Productivity

Workplace Murals: Data Proves Office Art Enhances Productivity

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jan 29, 2024

Workplace murals are now being recognized for their profound influence in the world of business and interiors for corporate spaces. As we enter into the vibrant nexus of creativity and professionalism, let us explore how the evermore overlapping worlds of workplace murals, office design, and productivity.

Workplace Murals: More than Decor

Artwork hanging on an office wall can often be seen as a mere accessory, a decorative afterthought. Yet delve a little deeper, and you’ll discover that incorporating workplace murals into office design is so much more than just aesthetics, especially when art is enhancing brand presence like never before.

pepsico mural118

Ruben Aguirre, @likes1, and Sam Kirk, @samkirk, paint a mural for PEPSICO and IPMM, at the old Post Office in Chicago, on Friday, February 12 and 19, 2021.Photo: Abel Arciniega / for IPMM

Great workplace murals or curated rotated collections of art not only add visual interest but inspire and motivate, transforming the mundane into the inspirational, igniting conversation, and even boosting productivity.

  • In the quiet whispers of paint and texture, in the silent narrative of sculptures and installations, workers find a respite from their routine, a moment of contemplation amid the hustle.
  • Art promotes cultural understanding and appreciation. In a diverse workplace, displaying art from different cultures serves as a symbol of inclusivity. It acknowledges the diverse identities of the employees, fostering a sense of belonging and unity. What’s more, custom workplace murals can be worked on by ERG’s (Employee Resource Groups) to shape your vision collaboratively!
  • The very presence of art stimulates creativity among employees. As they view and interact with the artwork, their neural connections fire up, sparking innovative thinking, encouraging risk-taking, and nourishing problem-solving skills. It also quite frankly, shows them you care.

The Art-Productivity Link: The Science Behind It

The influence of workplace murals on productivity might seem intangible, elusive even. Yet, scientific research has endorsed this link, supporting our claim with empirical evidence. It’s not woo-woo magic stuff – it’s proven through data.

  • Various studies emphasize how a pleasing workplace design impacts the worker’s mood and energy. The emotional responses invoked by art – a sense of calm, joy, or curiosity – contribute to a positive work atmosphere. In turn, a contented and energized worker is more productive.
  • Furthermore, art has been recognized as a form of visual storytelling in workplace design. Such narratives can mirror the company’s ethos or envision its future, thereby instilling a sense of purpose and commitment among the employees.
  • Additionally, integrating art into the design of the workspace, be it through wall paintings, installations, or digital art, can create an environment conducive to focus and concentration, hence, enhancing productivity.

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How to Incorporate Workplace Murals Into Corporate Interior Design

Embracing workplace murals is a journey of exploration and creativity. And fear not, it does not demand a hefty budget or an interior designer. Here’s a starting point for your artistic endeavor:

  • Consider the company’s values and narrative when selecting artworks. Choose pieces that resonate with your company’s mission and philosophy.
  • Work with a curator who can provide reputable local artists. This not only supports the local art community but also adds a unique flavor to your office space and provides you with the service of that network and vetting.
  • Ensure diversity in the art displayed. This includes not only cultural diversity but also a variety of art forms – paintings, sculptures, digital art, and installations. Each form brings a distinct energy and dialogue, enriching the office environment further

The Psychology Behind Art and Productivity

Often viewed through a lens of aesthetic appreciation, art is a secret weapon for enhancing office productivity. It gets deep into the psyche, creating ripples of positivity, creativity, and relaxation that transform the workplace environment, ultimately leading to heightened productivity. 

We see that through the trend of artistic, comfortable, and cool workplace design, where companies know they need to host their employees in a space that elevates the work.

The Impact of Art on Employee Mood and Morale

Workplace murals an undeniable influence on individuals’ moods and morale. It’s akin to a visual symphony that resonates with our emotions and state of mind. Also, it presents a kaleidoscope of colors, forms, and concepts, providing a visual feast that invigorates an employee’s mood and morale.

  • Emotional Stimulation: Artworks have a unique capability of touching the heartstrings of people, evoking a spectrum of emotions from joy to introspection.
  • Visual diversity: An engaging piece of artwork in an office space breaks the monotony of a typical corporate environment.
  • Symbolic Representation: Art often symbolizes values, traditions, or aspirations. When employees resonate with the inherent message, it instills a sense of belonging and boosts morale.

How Art Stimulates Creativity and Innovative Thinking

Art and creativity are joined at the hip; one cannot exist without the other. In an office environment, artworks serve as a continuous source of inspiration, stimulating creative juices and innovative thinking among employees.

  • Source of Inspiration: Artworks, being a product of imaginative minds, inspire others to think out of the box and explore different perspectives.
  • Stimulating Creativity: The abstract nature of art engages the creative hemisphere of the brain, leading to innovative problem-solving and idea-generation.
  • Fostering a Culture of Innovation: A workspace adorned with art radiates a vibe of creativity, implicitly promoting an innovative culture.

Art as a Tool for Stress Relief in Workplace Murals

Modern office life is often synonymous with stress. In this scenario, art comes to the rescue as a balm on the stressed souls, promoting tranquility and providing respite from work-related pressures.

  • Visual Meditation: Gazing at a soothing piece of artwork can act like a visual form of meditation, helping employees relax and recharge.
  • Distraction from Stress: Art offers a refreshing distraction from a stressful workday.
  • Mental Stimulation: Artwork stimulates the mind in a different, non-stressful way, leading to mental rejuvenation.

The Relationship between Workplace Murals, Office Art and Productivity

Corporate interior design and workplace murals have a direct bearing on productivity. A well-planned, art-enriched workspace is more than mere physical space; it’s a productivity catalyst that fosters positive energy and vibrancy.

  • Visual Appeal: Art enhances the aesthetic appeal of the workspace, which indirectly boosts the mood and productivity of employees.
  • Personalization of Workspace: Art provides an opportunity to personalize the workspace, making it more inviting.
  • Promotion of Company Culture: Art that aligns with the company’s values promotes a positive company culture and contributes to an overall increase in productivity.

At the end of the day, art in the workplace is really about ensuring that the vibe is conducive to great work. You don’t do great work in a poorly lit, damp, funky space. 

You do great work when and where you are inspired.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jan 29, 2024