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5 Dope Muralists and The Rise of Murals As Cultural Currency

5 Dope Muralists and The Rise of Murals As Cultural Currency

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
May 20, 2024

Muralists are a dynamic force in our modern culture, bridging gaps and reflecting the pulse of our society. These muralists not only infuse our cities with color but also provide a platform for representation and expression. In an era where visual communication is paramount, their work speaks volumes, making murals more accessible and impactful than ever before.

Ahead, we highlight 5 incredible muralists to know and examine why muralists are more popular than ever, as well as the rise of murals as cultural currency and language.


Mural by Aaron de la Cruz. photo courtesy of AdlC.

  1. Aaron de la Cruz – San Francisco, CA

Aaron is a great follow on Instagram at @aarondelacruz. When I saw one of his videos of the way he slowly and perfectly lays down flat strokes of paint to create these perfect, often black and white paintings and murals that satisfy our need for symmetry or balance. It’s so satisfying to see him paint, and it’s no wonder that big brands have trusted him to do large scale work. If you’re lucky you can catch him releasing a print or two as well.

Check out Aaron’s work via aarondelacruz.com.

Mural by Lisa Quine

  1. Lisa Quine – Ohio

Lisa is as a good an outright designer as she is a muralist. IPMM worked with her on a project for PepsiCo in Plano, TX and we were able to witness first-hand her attention to detail. Scenes, anything figurative, and also great color and composition always seem to be a part of her work. Lettering, floral, complex. She can do it all.

Learn more about Lisa at lisaquine.com.


Mural by Czr Prz

  1. Czr Prz – Chicago, IL

The homie has been at it for a minute, proving once again how the street has walked into galleries and made itself known. The detail, skill, scale, color, and quality of this dude’s work is a true north for the muralist community in Chicago and beyond. What’s more, his latest works venture into the sculptural, certainly reaching new heights in a way that will both be brand new and totally predictable coming from this creative mind.

Delve into everything Czr Prz via czr-prz.com.

  1. Brendan Monroe – Los Angeles, CA

IPMM has been a fan since back in the day when we purchase a Brendan the Blob zine, an old school ditty that was tactile and far out, and in retrospect, a perfect piece of memorabilia given the fact that Brendan has only gone straight up from there. Creating his signature wavy psychedelic black and white wave forms, applying them to exterior structures, indoor facades, and more.

Simple, stark, and iconic all the same time, venture into the world of Brendan Monroe at brendanmonroe.com.

img 3464

  1. Mike Han – Detroit, MI

Mike Han is a true artist, a creative soul, and someone on the rise. Korean-American Detroiter with a knack for food and everything design, his designs draw influence on Korean and Japanese line work and historical art forms. 

Mike imbues his work with a sense of problem solving as he creates design on site and in real-time to solve the needs of the space, the physical constraints, and then doing his thing.

A true talent on the rise, learn more about Mike Han at thehouseofhan.com.

Muralists, More Popular Than Ever

Muralists are more popular than ever for several reasons:

I. Accessibility and Inclusivity: Many muralists work outdoors, public art accessible to all. This inclusivity breaks down traditional barriers to art, engaging a broader audience and democratizing the cultural experience. This public access to murals is also why they are one of the most widely known art forms, and precisely that exposure has been vital in translating murals as deliverers of value in corporate settings as well.

II. Social Media Amplification: The rise of social media platforms allows muralists to share their work globally. Viewers can appreciate and share these pieces, creating a virtual gallery that transcends geographical constraints. Many Instagram accounts are even dedicated to curating great mural content. As always, we advocate for always tagging artists when you post their work on social media!

III. Representation Matters: Muralists often convey stories of diverse communities, fostering a sense of representation that resonates with people from various backgrounds. In an era emphasizing inclusivity, mural art becomes a powerful medium for cultural expression.

IV. Urban Regeneration: Many cities embrace mural projects as a form of urban revitalization. Muralists transform neglected spaces into vibrant cultural hubs, attracting residents and tourists alike, contributing to the overall renewal of urban landscapes. This has made murals increasingly well known and understood.

V. Youthful and Relevant Themes: Muralists often draw inspiration from contemporary themes, pop culture, and social issues, making their work relatable to younger generations. This relevance enhances the appeal of mural art in our cultural context. After all, we all like art so much more when we relate to it personally.

VI. Street Art Acceptance: Street art, including murals, has gained increased acceptance in mainstream art circles. Institutions and galleries recognize the value of this expressive form, providing muralists with more opportunities for recognition and support. Street art and murals are now well-ingrained in the gallery scene and is even popular in corporate office settings.

In summary, the popularity of muralists can be attributed to their ability to transcend boundaries, tell diverse stories, and engage with the cultural zeitgeist of today, making art a more integral part of our daily lives.

And when you look at the work by the incredible artists we featured above, it’s clear why. They’ve gone from simple expression and beautification to being elevated to a space of cultural currency and social proof. If your neighborhood, office or home has a mural, that’s dope!

The convergence of these factors has propelled murals into the forefront of cultural expression, making them not just art on walls but vibrant reflections of our evolving societal values and aesthetics.

And we couldn’t be happier about it.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
May 20, 2024