Art Consulting Firms: Helping To Get Employees Back to the Office - Art Consulting Firms: Helping To Get Employees Back to the Office -
Art Consulting Firms: How To Energize Corporate Spaces & Make Offices Worth It

Art Consulting Firms: How To Energize Corporate Spaces & Make Offices Worth It

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Mar 04, 2024

Art consulting firms play an essential role in helping corporate clients put together a real plan for making their office attractive. 

At IPaintMyMind, we strive to activate corporate spaces through art that inspires, educates, and provokes thought, because we realize that companies are having a hard time making the office seem like a worthwhile place to work from.

This article will delve into the exciting world of art consulting firms, unraveling how they create impactful spaces that will make employees get in their car and come to work. We will illuminate the transformative power of art on spaces and, by extension, on the individuals experiencing them.

Art Consulting Firms: Supporting The Transformative Power of Art

Art possesses an inherent ability to transform, to inspire, and to push the boundaries of our understanding. It is not merely an embellishment or an aesthetic enhancement. Art is a powerful catalyst for change and plays a pivotal part in shaping spaces into stimulating environments. 

It is an advocate, a teacher, and a provocateur that signals new ways of interpreting the world around us, a message that is at the core of our belief structure at IPaintMyMind.

But beyond that, it is also one vital way to unify your team.

Art consulting firms are critical players in the process of creating spaces that not only look great but also feel highly immersive and conceptually resonant. These firms have perfected the art (pun entirely intended) of immersing individuals in provocative spaces that stimulate thought and inspire action.

These firms are distinguished by their in-depth knowledge of art and their ability to use this understanding to transform spaces. They’re not just decorators; they’re educators and advocates, leveraging art’s power to influence and inspire. Understanding works of art in detail and how to position them within various spaces is a skill they have honed, and it is one that we deeply admire.

Art consulting firms have a unique knack for identifying the needs of a space and curating artworks that amplify its message, cultivating an environment that engages and impacts its audience. They embody our shared perception that art is not a luxury but a human right, an instrument of change regardless of the space it inhabits.

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Creating Impactful Spaces, Getting Employees Into The Office

At IPaintMyMind we believe that art should be accessible to everyone, and the potency of a space lies in its ability to communicate, inspire, and evoke a sense of belonging. It’s that last part that truly resonates via the value that art consulting firms bring to the table. 

They are creating spaces that are not just visually pleasing but also comfortable, collaborative, light-filled, and fun.

By creating impactful spaces, these firms actualize the reason a corporate office exists in the first place – to bring employees together to get the work done! Executives have been facing this steep challenge since Covid began, and culturally, we’ve shifted. Employes like their home office. They like wearing their house slippers. They like being able to do laundry while they take calls.

Art helps make the office so much more than a corner desk in their kids’ bedroom.

It makes it a destination, and extends the brand internally, as opposed to just being a way to shape perception outside the company. Art consulting firms bring the energy inside your space, with art ranking among the top factors for why employees of cool companies like to come into work.

Understanding Client Vision and Space

In the realm of art consulting firms, comprehending a client’s vision, along with the nuances of their space, serves as the foundation for enhancing and transforming the environment. As defenders of art as a human right, we at IPaintMyMind strongly believe that understanding the mission and values of a client is crucial.

Art consulting firms conduct comprehensive research to grasp a client’s brand ethos and cultural temperament, aptly integrating the threads of their story into the fabric of the selected artwork.

This is incredibly important when thinking of attracting employees to come into the office, because employees get it when something is inauthentic. Ensuring your art is an extension of the reality of the vision and ethos of the company will speak to employees, and they’ll want to be there.

An art consultant, serving as the bridge between the client and the artwork, embodies the role of a mediator, balancing the client’s vision with the practical needs of the space. Their expertise lies in challenging the conventional narratives about what art should be and where it should be placed, stimulating a thought-provoking dialogue about the transformative power of art.

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Art Selection or Creation Process

The art selection process, charged with passion and curiosity, forms the soul of an art consulting project. It includes an array of steps, from researching a client’s brand to procuring art or sourcing artists that align with their vision. 

Art consultants delve into their rich repertoire of art knowledge, selecting pieces that resonate with the client’s philosophy and simultaneously enhance the intended space, while also advocating for artists looking to truly turn their art into amazing solo-preneur businesses.

Art consulting firms leverage relationships with local, national, and international artists, crossing boundaries to source works of art that would empower the client’s space. They explore different mediums, styles, and themes, creating an engaging visual narrative that reflects the diversity of the art world. They can also commission new, original pieces if required, infusing freshness and uniqueness into the project.

The art selection process is a journey, not a destination. It involves constant dialogue with clients and artists, as well as a willingness to reassess and refine choices based on feedback and evolving needs. Thus, stimulating an atmosphere which encourages learning, exploration, and appreciation for art.

Focusing on local art in the art selection process is always a hit with employees, as it gives them a sense of place and brings the city into their office, in a cool way. When they see that the same artist who has a mural downtown also has art in their company’s space, that’s another real reason to like the brand and be part of the company.

Art Placement and Installation

Art placement and installation holds immense significance in the creative journey as it breathes life into selected artworks, orchestrating them in harmony with their surroundings. The art consultant’s role takes on a more tangible dimension, as they coordinate with various service providers, manage logistical requirements, and oversee the safe and secure installation of artworks.

Your employees won’t think much of the art if it isn’t featured or displayed prominently, so curating and organizing for maximum impact in high traffic or high impact areas is essential.

A mural as partners enter your space, a series of framed art along hallways, in conference rooms, or in break rooms, lounges, and community spaces.

Art consultants skillfully navigate the complex landscape of art installation, which goes beyond merely hanging a painting on a wall. They consider nuances like lighting, viewer’s perspective, and spatial dynamics, ensuring that the artwork’s visual impact is optimized. The consultants also manage the finer elements like customized framing and lighting, which significantly enhance the viewer’s experience of an artwork.

Making use of their discerning eye and aesthetic sensibility, art consultants direct the placement of the artworks to create engaging visual stories in the space. They draw from their comprehensive knowledge of art and architecture, creating a symbiotic relationship between the physical space and the selected artwork.

What’s more, art consulting firms can help you communicate the story behind the art, which both excites employees and impresses clients. At IPMM, we pay a lot of attention to the story aspect of your art, especially because we are the only art consulting firm that is a nonprofit, and that uses funds from client projects to support programs & resources for teachers and schools.

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Art = Employee Engagement Tool

Art consulting firms view their role as more than just transient project managers; they are long-term partners committed to maintaining and enriching the artistic environment of the client. 

They offer ongoing collection management services, ensuring the collection remains contemporary, engaging, and in alignment with the evolving brand visions of the client. This could involve regular rotation of artworks, introducing new artists, and reevaluating the collection’s thematic coherence.

They know you’re bringing art into the space to make it more fun, energetic, and attractive to clients and employees alike, so be sure to lean on them as far as leveraging story and aesthetics to do internal messaging about why the office is more fun than ever before.

Hosting an event for employees to learn more about the office, whether with the art consultant and/or the artist themselves is also an incredible way to bring the effort to life and off the walls, per se.

Announce the upgrade internally and externally, schedule an event to engage more, and show that you care to make the office cooler than working from home.

In the end, art consulting firms are vital when it comes to ensuring your investment in art hits the right note, and doesn’t unintentionally undercut the spirit, effort, or budget you’ve allocated. 

Authenticity, curated local art from vetted artists, focusing on high-impact areas, events & marketing to tell the story – it’s all part and parcel of making art a successful aspect of your strategy to get employees excited about the brand and into the office.

Learn more about IPaintMyMind’s Corporate Art Services including Custom Murals, Art Rentals, Art Consulting, and Experiential Art Events.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Mar 04, 2024