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CERA Street Art Rocks 17th Floor 4-Wall Mural with IPaintMyMind for BMO Harris

CERA Street Art Rocks 17th Floor 4-Wall Mural with IPaintMyMind for BMO Harris

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jul 10, 2023

CERA Street Art collaborated on us for one of our favorite projects ever, a 4-wall custom office wall mural for BMO Harris on the 17th Floor of their brand new tower in Chicago, IL. CERA is an incredible artist who can bring figurative elements into amazing balance with natural elements, just like he did in this very piece.

We love working with clients to hone the vision, work with the artist to provide a custom design, then execute it on-site in ways that make the space 100x what it would have been. Sometimes clients are less sure about whether or not they want a mural or framed art, but feel free to reach out to us about our Art Consulting Services, which help corporations select the best custom art solution for them.

CERA Street Art x IPaintMyMind, Custom Mural for BMO Harris - Chicago, IL

Depicting a urban garden scene, BMO wanted to capture some of their work in the community, especially since this particular space is for events, community initiatives, and more. Figuring out the best way for art to elevate the experience in corporate interior spaces with the help of thoughtful workplace designers is so fun.

You can check out the Full Case Study of our project with BMO Harris as well.

This is what CERA has to say about himself, but be sure to check out his website for more info.

“I’ve been a muralist working in the public space for over a decade. I really value and take a lot of pride in my work, and I always want to make sure that work is of the best possible standard I can achieve. When working with clients, I’ll interpret the prompts that I’m given (themes, subject, branding, aesthetic) aiming to create a lively, playful, detailed, and engaging composition that meets both the client’s needs, the artists, and the needs and interest of the viewer.

Murals I am most interested in painting will depict one or two figures/portraits. I’m very excited by the process of storytelling and the idea of the mural featuring a single protagonist. I feel this offers a lot of opportunity for clients to include their vision within that protagonist, but also helps me to visually celebrate themes like adventure, independence, and wonder. Within my work, I also focus on embellishments and adornments to the figures to elaborate on the content within the work. That being said, I am also open to projects that do not exist within this structure.

In an ideal working relationship, there is back and forth between the client and the artist to ensure both parties needs are met. An ecosystem of trust and openness is important to make sure I am able to deliver the best possible project that highlights the client’s vision, and acts as an engaging mural that will last for years.”

Visit CERAStreetArt.com or schedule a call with us directly if you’re interested in having CERA create custom art for your company.


CERA Street Art x IPaintMyMind, Custom Mural for BMO Harris

CERA Street Art x IPaintMyMind, Custom Office Wall Mural for BMO Harris

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CERA Street Art, custom office wall mural

CERA Street Art

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jul 10, 2023