Corporate Events in 2023: Experiences Over Everything, How Art Engages & Connects - Corporate Events in 2023: Experiences Over Everything, How Art Engages & Connects -
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Corporate Events in 2023: Experiences Over Everything, How Art Engages & Connects

Corporate Events in 2023: Experiences Over Everything, How Art Engages & Connects

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Jan 09, 2023

We’ve all been to our fair share of corporate events. Most of them aren’t exceedingly memorable. There’s a few keynote speakers, some catered food, and maybe an icebreaker or two. Instead of inspiring connection within a team, most corporate events are simply a break from the usual work day schedule. 

In 2023, that’s no longer going to cut it! Corporate events are changing fast as folks pour back into offices and companies host their first in-person events in years. Innovative companies are looking outside the traditional form of the work event and searching for new, fun, and imaginative ways to bring employees together.  

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The Future of Work Requires a New Kind of Corporate Event

We’ve known for a while that retaining quality employees post-Covid requires a radical shift in company culture. More than ever, employees are demanding an open and transparent workplace, genuine DEI efforts, and job perks from potential employers. Corporate events are an important way for a company to wear its values on its sleeve and showcase company culture. 

Thoughtful and creative corporate events inspire employees and boost productivity. They also bring teams closer together, encouraging interesting and successful collaboration. Experiences are a critical part of a creative corporate event. Employees should have a thoughtful activity to dive into, to form connections and make the event memorable. 

The IPaintMyMind Mural On Wheels is the perfect experiential touchpoint for employee engagement and team building. The portable screen printing workshop can be set up anywhere, from a plaza to a lobby to an office space. We’ll set up our printmaking gear and do a demonstration on how to pull screen prints. We’ll also explain the process of burning a screen and how artists craft print designs. Next, attendees will be able to pull their very own prints in tons of different color options. They’ll get to take their print home and keep a physical reminder of this creative company event. 

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The MOW workshop is fully customizable depending on the number of participants, and you can choose to print on t-shirts or print paper. There are several print designs to choose from, including our “Art is Power” design and “Art is a Human Right.” However, you can also select a custom design option, where the IPMM team will work with you to design a custom one-off design specifically for your corporate event. 

The best part is that every dollar from your MOW workshop will go right back into funding IPMM’s programming at Chicago Public Schools. By hosting a MOW workshop, you’ll be giving back to your community and providing equitable access to art education for all. A screen printing workshop is the perfect way to show employees that your company values giving back to the community, at the same time that you seek to uplift hardworking employees.

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Corporate Event Case Study: Pru Palooza 

A great example of a memorable and creative corporate event is Pru Palooza, the annual summer block party hosted by One Two Pru in their plaza. Employees from every company housed in the Prudential buildings are invited for a day of fun, games, and snacks. There was a mechanical shark, a live DJ, a raffle for free VIP Lollapalooza tickets, and plenty of delicious local food trucks. One Two Pru also hosted a Mural On Wheels workshop for employees, where they could print their own t-shirts or prints. There were two designs available: our Art is Power design and a custom Pru Palooza design, featuring the iconic silhouettes of the Prudential buildings. 

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Pru Palooza gave employees a chance to have fun and connect with each other, while appreciating the special atmosphere in the Prudential Plaza. Corporate events, above all, are about engaging employees. What better way to engage your team than with a creative and hands-on activity, that also gives back to the community?

Embrace Experience-Centered Corporate Events in 2023 

To learn more about the Mural On Wheels screen printing workshop, check out our website and feel free to reach out with any questions! If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a call with our team today to discuss your corporate Mural On Wheels event. 

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Jan 09, 2023