Mike Han's Mural at Linkedin Detroit - Mike Han's Mural at Linkedin Detroit -
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Mike Han’s Mural at Linkedin Detroit

Mike Han’s Mural at Linkedin Detroit

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
May 24, 2022

This May, we got the amazing opportunity to install three (!!!) murals at Linkedin’s Detroit offices. Featured artists Mike Han, Sheefy McFly, and Miss Birdy represent some of the best the best the Midwest have to offer! Each of them collaborated with us and Linkedin to design and execute these masterpieces. The project was another where we worked Gensler in their Chicago office, with whom our partnership and continued collaboration continues to excite us and propel the IPMM mission forward in new and surprising ways. 

Over the course of 6+months, IPMM worked with Gensler, L.S. Brinker, and LinkedIn to curate and manage the project, bring in the artists, manage the design process, and helping to produce final work that would fit the space perfectly. LinkedIn just had their first day of business in the Detroit offices and we’ll be back there soon to get the final photo and video to help show you all the finished product. 

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Meet Mike Han 

Mike Han is a Detroit-based artist whose abstract lines are reminiscent of the written word–just one that you aren’t likely to be able to read! His art work is inspired by calligraphy, graffiti, and cartoons, as well as by modern design. He is also creatively driven by his Korean heritage. Mike is actually descended from a royal Korean clan, called Cheongju Han, or House of Han. His mother and father are both Korean immigrants who settled in downtown Detroit, giving Mike strong Detroit roots alongside his Korean cultural heritage. 

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Mike’s art serves a self-reflective purpose for him and his audience. He hopes that the process of organic mark-making which animates his paintings will help him and others achieve a more balanced life full of joy. He also uses his art as a way to explore the unknown and grapple with deep truths encountered in the process of daily life. 

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However, painting isn’t Mike’s only creative practice! He also creates edible art as a sustainable sushi maker. He’s opened several restaurants that won critical acclaim and awards, including Detroit’s first sustainable sushi restaurant. However, Mike says he is done with restaurants for now. Instead, he creates sushi for various art experiences around Detroit. 

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Mike Han has exhibited around America and internationally, and his work has been commissioned for many high-profile clients like Google, vitaminwater, and now, Linkedin! 

Make Sure to Check Back for Updated Photos and Video! 

We’ll be heading back to Linkedin soon to grab some finalized pictures of Mike Han’s mural, along with the murals by Sheefy McFly and Miss Birdy. Check back soon for a longer video of the process and some shots of the new murals as part of the daily flow at Linkedin Detroit. 

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
May 24, 2022