Miss Birdy's Mural at Linkedin Detroit - Miss Birdy's Mural at Linkedin Detroit -
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Miss Birdy’s Mural at Linkedin Detroit

Miss Birdy’s Mural at Linkedin Detroit

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
May 24, 2022

Just a couple weeks ago, we got the amazing opportunity to install three murals at LinkedIn Detroit. We collaborated with three phenomenal working Midwestern artists to design and execute these gorgeous workplace murals: Mike Han, Sheefy McFly, and Miss Birdy. We also worked alongside long-time partners Gensler in their Chicago office to coordinate and plan the projects, which gave us another chance to develop our exciting and inspiring partnership together. 

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Over the course of 6+months, IPMM worked with Gensler, L.S. Brinker, and LinkedIn to curate and manage the project, bringing in the artists, managing the design process, and helping to produce final work that everyone is thrilled with. LinkedIn just had their first day of business in the Detroit offices and we’ll be back there soon to snap some final photos and show you how the finished murals look in the midst of the day-to-day happenings at the offices. 

Meet Miss Birdy

Mandi Caskey, aka Miss Birdy, is a Columbus-based artist and activist. She works in murals, as well as gallery art, creating a wide-array of fantastic imagery designed to inspire and activate. Mandi’s murals use natural and organic motifs to sweep viewers into another world. Teeming with plant and animal life, they transform the spaces that they inhabit! Mandi’s gallery work is largely oil paint on wood that she cuts in her studio. She enjoys the contrast between working on smaller pieces and murals, as it allows her to experiment and feed different areas of her creative appetite. 

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She is also the co-founder of Catalyst Columbus, the first mural foundation in Columbus. Catalyst Columbus is a nonprofit that raises money to fund public murals, bringing communities together through art. It’s a mission close to our heart at IPMM! They also work with building owners and artists as liaisons, fostering relationships and finding great spaces for murals. 

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Make Sure to Check Back for Finalized Photos!  

We’ll be heading back to LinkedIn soon to grab some finalized pictures of Miss Birdy’s mural, along with the murals by Mike Han and Sheefy McFly. Check back soon for a longer video of the process and some shots of the new murals as part of the daily flow at LinkedIn Detroit. 

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
May 24, 2022
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