Mural Project Management: Complete Guide for Corporate Clients Mural Project Management: Complete Guide for Corporate Clients
Mural Project Management: A Complete Guide for Corporate Clients

Mural Project Management: A Complete Guide for Corporate Clients

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
May 06, 2024

At IPaintMyMind, mural project management is our bread and butter. We love being the bridge to help our corporate clients execute incredible murals for their workspaces. The modern office has completely changed from the cubicles of yesteryear, and after the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that companies get their office space right.

As an art consultant working on mural project management for corporate clients like LinkedIn and Pepsi, the process begins with a comprehensive intake session.

This initial step is crucial for understanding the client’s ideas, preferences, to get insight on the design elements going into the space, understanding who will be involved, and getting a feel for the overall atmosphere our clients want to create in their new space.

Client Intake Session & Survey + Mural Project Management

  • Client Meeting
    • We schedule a meeting with key stakeholders to discuss their ideas and goals
    • We encourage open communication to gather information on the company’s values, brand identity, and the message they want the mural to convey.
    • We deliver our custom client survey so we can get it all down and not miss a beat. We even include a space where clients can upload renderings, images, or PDFs of floor plans and more.
  • Budget and Timeline Discussion
    • We discuss the client’s budget constraints and the timeline for completion – this is an essential portion of mural project management and sets the course for success
    • We provide a realistic overview of what can be achieved within the given parameters and move to get the budget approved
  • Inspiration Gathering
    • Now it is time to explore the client’s aesthetic preferences, whether it’s modern, traditional, abstract, or a specific theme related to their industry.
    • Then we collect visual references, color schemes, and any existing brand materials for the entire mural project management
  • Site Visit / Video Call
    • We visit the site where the mural will be executed or we see the space via FaceTime or video conference call

bmo mural cera 0091

Concept Development

Once all this has happened we can begin to work on finalizing a working concept, which then gives us what we need to curate from the right selection of artists, who are capable of executing that concept. A proper mural project management process ensures that the artists’ proposed are capable of bringing that vision to life. We don’t want to hire an artist who does abstract work for a figurative concept, after all!

The initial client intake survey is helpful in moving forward as follows:

  • Edit and Refine Ideas
    • Analyze the information gathered and identify key themes or elements that resonate with the client.
    • Streamline the ideas to focus on a cohesive concept that aligns with the company’s identity.
    • We then synthesize all the info provided and produce a honed narrative for the concept which the client approves.
  • Artistic Considerations
    • We consider the practical aspects for the mural, such as size, scale, and the wall’s surface, as well as the aesthetics
    • We ensure that the concept complements the architectural elements of the space.
    • And we make sure that the artist options selected all are a fit for the concept that has been finalized
  • Collaboration with Artists
    • We curate from our hundreds of artist relationships to provide curated options.
    • We work closely with professional artists who specialize in mural creation and bring them to the table.
    • We share the refined concept with the artists, allowing room for their creative input while ensuring alignment with the client’s vision.
    • Artists are presented and then an artist is selected for the project.
mural project management

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Artist Curation, Design Creation and Execution

  • Client Approval
    • Obtain final approval from the client on the refined concept and design.
  • Mural Design Mock-ups and Presentations
    • We onboard the artist with the client team, a fun meeting where everyone gets to know each other
    • We set the calendar for the project and develop visual mock-ups or digital representations of the mural concept.
    • We present these to the client for feedback and adjustments, ensuring that the final design resonates with their expectations.
  • Quality Control
    • Monitoring the mural design’s progress is vital to any mural project management, to ensure that it meets both artistic and client expectations.
    • Address any concerns or modifications promptly.
  • Installation
    • Lastly, w oversee the installation process to guarantee that the mural is seamlessly integrated into the space.

By following this structured process, IPaintMyMind’s mural project management service guides the client from initial ideas to a finalized mural that not only meets the client’s objectives but also becomes a visually striking and meaningful addition to their corporate environment.

Great mural project management process leads to great results, and our clients like PepsiCo, BMO Harris, LinkedIn and other large corporations have trusted us to deliver custom mural services.

Learn more about IPaintMyMind’s custom mural services for corporate clients.

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
May 06, 2024