Profiling 14 Women and Nonbinary Artists That Are Part of Our Permanent Collection - Profiling 14 Women and Nonbinary Artists That Are Part of Our Permanent Collection -
Profiling 14 Women and Nonbinary Artists That Are Part of Our Permanent Collection

Profiling 14 Women and Nonbinary Artists That Are Part of Our Permanent Collection

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Dec 21, 2020

Not to boast, but we have a pretty stellar art collection.

JK, we feel pretty good boasting about it. Our permanent collection has over 1,500 pieces of two-dimensional artwork from over 50 artists! The work covers a whole range of styles, mediums, and diverse subject matter. We love each and every one of the artists in our collection, and appreciate any opportunity to talk about how cool they are. 

At IPaintMyMind, we think that it’s super important to uplift and support working artists. For us, this means first and foremost, paying them. Upfront. It’s simple, but as artists will tell you, not everyone gets it. Art is work, and artists should get paid! 

We also want to bring their creative vision and work to everyone in our orbit. In this article, we highlight 14 incredibly cool women and nonbinary artists in our collection. We hope that you’ll check out their websites, and maybe even purchase some prints! 

And, if you’re an artist who is interested in having your work featured in our permanent collection, think about submitting your work! We are prioritizing the work of women and nonbinary artists. 


michelle chandra

Michelle Chandra

Michelle Chandra is a wonderful artist from the San Francisco Bay area who runs her own design company called Dirt Alley Design. She is seriously multitalented, and uses her knowledge about computer programming and cartography to influence her unique style. She uses coding to program a pen plotter and create insanely intricate and complex designs reminiscent of spirographs. Michelle is obsessed with symmetry, and its place in the natural world. You can see different types of symmetry throughout her work. Her drawings invoke the universal joy of pattern recognition and mimic shapes from the organic world. 

Website // Instagram 


lisa congdon

Lisa Congdon 

Lisa Congdon is an artist, illustrator, and author who works in Portland. She is well-known for her super colorful graphic drawings and hand lettering, as well as her inspiring and fun books full of art. Her art career is especially unique, because it started when she was in her 30s! She fell in love with art and slowly undertook the tough climb to starting your own business. Today, she’s very successful and has worked for huge clients like REI, Airbnb, and MoMA. She’s also published several books full of inspirational career advice and words on self-confidence. 

Website // Instagram 

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Bria Corranda is one of our newest women and nonbinary artists.

Bria Corranda

Bria Corranda is a Chicago-based artist who works in digital media to create breathtakingly expressive images of Black history and resilience. Although her work has all of the stylistic qualities of pencil, charcoal, and oil painting, all of her pieces are done digitally! She is inspired by Black culture, whether it be through music, style, or other avenues. Bria also draws strength from her mother, who is an artist as well. She has also been impacted heavily by the events of the summer, and the ongoing struggle against systemic racism. 



veronica corzo duchardt221

Veroncia Corzo-Duchardt 

Veronica Corzo-Duchardt is a L.A.-based visual artist, who also has roots in Chicago! She creates screen prints from her photography which she digitally and manually manipulates to create abstract, organic, and fragmented images. She is very influenced by her Cuban-American identity, both in her larger creative life, and her visual practice. Besides being one of our incredible partner women and nonbinary artists, Veronica is the Design Director at Bitch Magazine, which is an incredible feminist cultural publication. 

Website // Instagram 

Special ARTIST SHOP DISCOUNT – 15% off of her entire web store at with code IPAINTMYMIND


Molly Costello is one of our favorite partner women and nonbinary artists.

Molly Costello 

Molly Costello is a queer Chicago artist working in several different mediums, including cut paper, murals, ceramics, painting, and drawing. Molly’s art is highly influenced by mysticism, the natural world, and her vision for a collective future. She often incorporates images of communities working together, working the land, and growing. Molly is a gardner as well as a beekeeper, facets of her life which also often pop up in her work. She uses bright, vibrant colors, and organic forms to create her stylized and friendly figures and scenes. 

Website // Instagram 


mary fedorowski

Mary Fedorowski 

Mary Fedorowski is a Chicago artist who specializes in minimalist paintings. Although her style is formal, geometric, and abstracted, she still conveys an incredibly successful sense of atmosphere and place. Her work, done in a palette of bright neons and pastels, creates a sense of sunlight at different times throughout the day. Her precise and perfect lines are satisfying and alluring, and you can’t help but wish that  you could enter the peaceful world that Mary’s art hints at. 

Website // Instagram 


mollyfriends mollygoldfarb hungup 27x40inches digitalpaintingeditionof10 2018 1500

Molly Goldfarb 

Molly Goldfarb is an New York City based artist working primarily in acrylic and digital painting. She founded her own art and design firm, called Create Dangerously in 2014, where she sells her work. She has a self-described “pop-meets-punk” style and creates exuberantly fun colorful scenes of fantastic worlds, as well as treating more mundane, everyday scenes with the same flair. Molly experiments with organically shaped canvases for a very unique effect in some of her paintings. She is inspired by the sights, sounds, and experiences of NYC, as well as by the many places that she travels to.

Website // Instagram 


Bee Harris is one of our women and nonbinary artists, as well as being a social justice advocate.

Brittany Harris

Brittany Harris is a creator with a broad vision. She is a visual artist and a social justice advocate. Brittany’s visual art is characterized by a dynamic use of color, stylized faces of the African diaspora, and flat abstract shapes. Her art practice includes film as well as painting, including a documentary called Hidden Gem: South Africa, which explores the arts scene in South Africa. She’s also very involved in advocacy and social justice organizations, and teaches communication via social media. Support this talented artist!

Website // Instagram 

Special ARTIST SHOP DISCOUNT – 15% off of her entire web store at with code IPAINTMYMIND


sandi hauanio

Sandi Hauanio

Sandi Hauanio is an Indiana artist who creates incredible minimalist designs. She’s also one of our newer partner women and nonbinary artists. Sandi is Hawaiian and spent part of her childhood there, an experience which resonates throughout the range of her artwork. Sandi’s pieces are often variations of a theme, and are symbolic of the way she works. She dives deeply into an idea and works through it in different pieces, until she feels as though the particular series is done. Sandi is inspired by architecture, Color Field painting, and furniture design, which she studied in school originally. Her pieces are bright and graphic, highly geometric and full of symmetry. 

Website // Instagram 


Sam Kirk is one of our partner women and nonbinary artists as well as serving on the Board of Directors.

Sam Kirk 

Sam Kirk is a multimedia artist and muralist from the Southside of Chicago. She is a multiracial, queer woman, and her art is meant to invoke pride, recognition, and political self-idenitity for marginalized communities. She often works on public installations and murals, meaning that her work reaches a wide and diverse audience. In 2019, her work was installed in an entire NYC block near Times Square for the World Pride Celebration. Sam’s style focuses on the importance of line both in the construction of forms as well as serving as organic abstract patterns in her background. Color is also super prevalent in her work, animating stories and narratives. 

Website // Instagram


kate lewis

Kate Lewis

Kate Lewis is a Chicago transplant, but has made the city her home over the last decade. She is a multidisciplinary artist who works with drawings, paintings, sculpture, and murals. Her murals are abstract and geometric and often include inspirational quotes. She employs a signature maze-like pattern in many works, with twists and turns that the eye gets lost in. She also draws stunningly realistic architectural drawings of famous Chicago buildings and landmarks with a simple black line. Fall in love with Kate’s work, we promise, there’s something for everyone! 

Website // Instagram 


vidhya nagarajan

Vidhya Nagarajan

Vidhya Nagarajan is an artist and illustrator living and working in New York City. Her work has been featured in publications like the New York Times and Newsweek, among many others. Her graphic, friendly, comic book-style is accessible and exciting to examine. In her illustrated worlds anything could be possible, and anyone is just around the corner. Vidhya also works with lettering, creating flawless typographies all by hand! Dive into some of her illustrations or sketchbook entries, where she explores the food and sights of different cities. Remember when we could all travel? Well, you can still travel vicariously through Vidhya’s work. 

Instagram // Website 


Favianna Rodriguez is one of our partner women and nonbinary artists.

Favianna Rodriguez

Favianna Rodriguez is an Oakland-native, born and raised. She is an interdisciplinary artist and social justice advocate, showing up for the queer and Afro-Latinx communities that she is a part of. Her visual art is focused on color, joy, and pleasure, her work an outpouring of belief in a bright Afro-Latinx future. Her brushstrokes and style are rooted in her Peruvian and African roots, as well as in growing up in Oakland during the growth of hip hop. She is the Executive DIrector and founder of Culturestrike, a national network of artists and activists working around immigrations, and serves on the board of, an organizing community centered around the political empowerment of Latinx communities. 

Website // Instagram


grae galindo

Grae Galindo Rosa

Grae Rosa is a queer and nonbinary Chicago-native and a CPS graduate. They come from a Puerto-Rican and Mexican background, and their work is rooted in the experience of being a Latinx Chicagoan. Their main project since 2013 is called Chicagoteria, a Chicago-specific version of the Mexican bingo game Loteria. Each card features an illustration that represents a specific facet of life in the Chicago Latinx community. Grae also creates political posters and images for many different movements and actions, including trans liberation, prison abolition, and labor rights. 

Website // Instagram 

Support Our Talented Artists 

If you have fallen in love with some of the incredible women and nonbinary artists mentioned above, please check out the web stores and sites of our partner artists and support them during the COVID-19 crisis. 

You can also rent their art from IPMM for your office or workspace, or commission a piece or mural from many of the artists above! 

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Dec 21, 2020