The Advantages of Artwork Displays at Work The Advantages of Artwork Displays at Work
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The Benefits of Workspace Wall Murals

The Benefits of Workspace Wall Murals

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
May 07, 2018

If you’ve ever been to an office that had an amazing workspace wall mural, odds are you never forgot it.

Workspace murals are growing in popularity as research continues to reveal the numerous ways they benefit a workforce, including brand unity, increased creativity, and worker satisfaction. 

Murals Make Our Mood Better

We already know that workplace art can spark creativity and boost worker morale. We also know that the colors all around us have a palpable effect on our mood. Therefore, any type of art in the office, from classic paintings to abstract configurations, and even installations like string art are likely to breed tangible improvements to an office’s atmosphere.

Art in the workspace also increases productivity and focus. It’s often a calming and centering force, no matter what the content matter is. As a result, most offices find that displaying art actually improves the quality of work that gets done.

A workspace wall mural can go a long way to promote the identity, culture and the values of a company or organization. We’ve all worked in a sterile office with blank walls and no attempt at a color scheme. An unprompted visitor would find no clues as to what the company produces or what it believes. So much of the world is built on the visual these days, and workspaces are no different. If your office design isn’t hand in hand with the kind of work that you do, you’re missing out on tons of opportunities to make the right impression. 


They Bring Us Together

Alternatively, a strategic workspace wall mural with a creative take on the company’s name or logo can help promote a company’s core principles, be it innovation, excellence, creativity, minimalism, fun, or mindfulness. A wall mural can also help clarify the leadership’s vision of the company’s past, present, and future for employees and visitors. Murals can be a great way to tell a story or advance a narrative. Whether literally or figuratively, you can express the journey your company has gone on through a mural featured prominently in your workspace. 

Finally, a huge, colorful mural splayed on a wall in a central location is just cool to be around, to work around, and to encounter when you enter an office for a meeting. It can leave a lasting impression and stick as a memorable image you equate with that company. It indicates that the company is dedicated to investing in their work environment and in their workers’ well-being.

Endless Creative Options

The options are quite literally endless. companies have selected themes that reflect underwater scenes, outer space, a beach scape, and Star Wars. Doodle artists are also popular. They’ll take adorable doodle characters you remember from the art whiz in high school and blow them up with bubble bodies and striking colors.  It’s tough not to be happy when Pac Man characters bounce around your ankles as you cross the office on your way to lunch.

Whatever you choose, definitely choose something. Either a painted wall mural or a wall decorated with beautiful art pieces can bring a welcome added pop of creativity and morale to any office. If you’re an executive or office manager, it’s certainly something to consider! Best Workplace Murals | Custom Office Murals – IPaintMyMind

And if you ever need any help curating and coordinating an art project at your company’s space, feel free to reach out the curators at IPaintMyMind.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
May 07, 2018