Back to School: How Classroom Teachers Can Get The Most Out Of The IPMM Art Curriculum - Back to School: How Classroom Teachers Can Get The Most Out Of The IPMM Art Curriculum -
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Back to School: How Classroom Teachers Can Get The Most Out Of The IPMM Art Curriculum

Back to School: How Classroom Teachers Can Get The Most Out Of The IPMM Art Curriculum

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Aug 23, 2021

It’s that time of the year again! Students and teachers are heading back to the classroom, for the first full year of in-person instruction since the outbreak of Covid-19. In many cases, electives like art, music, and drama fell by the wayside during the pandemic, as core classes became the priority during the precious few moments teachers had with their students. However, we know that these classes are especially crucial for social-emotional growth, creative problem solving, and self-expression. This year, arts education needs to be prioritized to keep students on track! 

For classroom teachers juggling several different subjects, we know that this can be tough. You aren’t necessarily specialized in art, and aren’t sure how to approach arts education in a year where a lot of catch-up may be required. It can be challenging to keep art lesson plans fresh, interesting, and creative, when you’re not an art expert and have tons of other lesson plans to write at the same time. 

Kids at Doolittle Elementary on Field Day.

You’re not alone, and we know that classroom teachers are often overburdened and under-resourced. That’s why we created the IPaintMyMind Arts Education Curriculum. It’s perfect for your needs, and can be tailored to fit your timeline, pacing, and class skill level. (Plus, it satisfies National Art Standards!) The curriculum culminates in a Student Art Gallery, where students get to show off their artwork and what they’ve learned along the process.  


How Our Curriculum Works 

The IPMM Arts Education Curriculum is built off of our See, Think, Do pedagogy. We hold the fundamental belief that when students dive into appreciating, discussing, and establishing context around art, they’ll be inspired to create art of their own. 

Our simple 3-step process is in place to help you, the teacher, best put this content and framework to use. All you have to remember is:

  • Pick An Artist
  • Pick An Activity / Lesson Plan
  • Do It Again!

Not only is the process easy to follow, but using it again and again will actually continue to help your students deepen their understanding and get even more comfortable discussing and analyzing pieces of art.

You’ll use the Living Artists Section, which includes 32 of our Partner Artists, to choose an artist for each lesson plan. Each artist entry includes their website, Instagram, and access to high-quality images of their work for you to use in your class. Many of the artists included also have interviews or Artist Process Videos, which are further resources to help you use that artist to the best of your ability in a lesson plan. 

We believe that using working artists from a diverse variety of backgrounds will aid students in connecting to art. It will empower them to believe that anyone can be an artist, not just long-dead white guys. 

Each of our 15+ lesson plans is built to help students gain confidence in analyzing, presenting, discussing, and even creating art. Students are inherently creative, collaborative art lovers, and our curriculum guides them towards realizing these qualities within themselves! That’s why we ask students to consider art they already love, search for public art around their homes, and otherwise get in touch with the art they experience in their daily lives.

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Our Resources Section Is Built To Help You

Section 4 of the Art Education Curriculum is chock-full of extra resources and ideas, including an essential art supplies list from our partners at Blick and an art terms glossary. If you aren’t as familiar with necessary art supplies and essential terms, we hope that this section will help you get your bearings and dive in. 

The art supplies list includes a comprehensive array of cheap and useful supplies for classroom art projects. Whether your class is painting, drawing, making prints, or collaging, we’ve compiled the materials to make it happen. 

Plus, enjoy an extra lesson plan, useful blog articles available through IPMM, and other great free art resources for teachers. 

An art teacher at Doolittle Elementary holds up art supplies from Blick.

Extra Support Is Available For Classroom Teachers Using The IPMM Arts Education Curriculum!

Any teacher who purchases the IPMM Arts Education Curriculum will be offered special one-on-one support from our team, to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the curriculum. We’re available for Zoom calls to walk you through the curriculum, answer any questions, and offer advice on how to adapt the curriculum to your unique classroom. 

We’re here to work with you, and are always ready and excited to figure out how to tie in the curriculum with other subjects and make art class interdisciplinary. As a classroom teacher, you’re constantly multitasking, and we appreciate you! Let us support the critical work you’re doing. 

Learn more about the IPMM Art Education Curriculum, and when you’re ready, visit our store to purchase. 

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Aug 23, 2021