Infinitely Remixable: The IPMM 2021/22 Art Education Curriculum - Infinitely Remixable: The IPMM 2021/22 Art Education Curriculum -
Infinitely Remixable: The IPMM 2021/22 Art Education Curriculum

Infinitely Remixable: The IPMM 2021/22 Art Education Curriculum

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Aug 02, 2021

Last year, we launched the First Edition of the IPMM Arts Education Curriculum. Informed by our work in and out of art classrooms all over the City of Chicago and the gaps that we saw within existing arts education frameworks, the curriculum was a labor of love and a long time coming. 

The 2020/21 Edition was obviously influenced by the constraints of the pandemic, and the unique landscape of teaching virtually. It was focused on flexibility, customization, and support for teachers during a tough time in American education. 

Although we’ve kept many of the best ideas from last year’s curriculum, we’ve updated the 2021/22 Curriculum to reflect the return to the classrooms and to highlight our infinitely remixable lesson plan structure. (More on that later!) 

Plus, it satisfies National Art Standards

Our Unique Pedagogy: See, Think, Do

Intended to be a holistic resource and support tool for art teachers in all types of classrooms, the IPMM Art Education Curriculum includes 15+ lesson plans, a Living Artist list of 32 working artists in the IPMM Permanent Collection, and year-round support from a team of experienced education professionals. 

Students discuss during class.

Animated by our central See, Think, Do pedagogy, the Curriculum operates with the fundamental belief that when students dive into appreciating, discussing, and establishing context around art, they’ll be inspired to create art of their own. 

We work with dozens of incredible artists at IPMM, who work in a variety of mediums and styles, come from diverse backgrounds, and live all over the country and the world. 

When it comes to art education, especially in elementary school settings, most curriculums only include white, male, and already long-dead artists. This alienates students, especially in a diverse, multiethnic classroom. If kids can’t see themselves in the artists they’re learning about, they won’t find these points of common connection, experience, and inspiration. 

At IPMM, we believe that teaching and connecting students with living, working artists, will empower them to believe they can be artists as well. 

Students are inherently creative, collaborative art lovers, and our curriculum guides them towards realizing these qualities within themselves! That’s why we ask students to consider art they already love, search for public art around their homes, and otherwise get in touch with the art they experience in their daily lives. 

Students at Doolittle Elementary on Field Day.

Through exposure to working artists, activities to build context, and developing the ability to vocalize what they students like and connect with in a piece of art, you’ll inspire confidence in your classroom when it comes to analyzing and discussing art. 

In the final phase of the art curriculum, students will synthesize what they’ve learned and use it as a jumping-off point for creating their own unique works of art. The ultimate project is a class-wide art gallery, where students will hang their work. 

Infinitely Remixable

The IPMM Arts Education Curriculum is built to be reused, revisited, and remixed. Our simple 3-step process is in place to help you, the teacher, best put this content and framework to use. 

All you have to remember is:

  • Pick An Artist
  • Pick An Activity / Lesson Plan
  • Do It Again!

Each of our 15+ lesson plans can be made fresh and used again by simply swapping out the artist you chose from our Living Artists Section. They won’t get old or stale, because each one is designed to generate new information, connections, and discussions with each new artist you may choose. 


The IPMM Art Education Curriculum Outline: What’s Included? 

Section 1: Get St(art)ed!

  • The Get St(art)ed Guide is a comprehensive launchpad to getting the most out of your IPMM Arts Education Curriculum. Including an introduction letter from our founder Evan La Ruffa, a deep-dive into our pedagogy and philosophy, and an easy to use Quick Start Guide, Section 1 sets you up for success. 
  • PLUS: enjoy links to informational videos from our founder explaining how to use the IPMM Arts Education Curriculum, and find contact info for folks on our team ready to answer questions, discuss, and listen to your feedback! 

Section 2: Get Inspired – The Living Artists Section

  • The Living Artists Section includes 32 of our Partner Artists, spanning several Chicago neighborhoods, cities, and countries! 
  • PLUS: flip through an extensive list of artist interviews and Artist Process Video Series, where your students can get an inside look at an artist’s process, daily work flow, inspiration, and personal path to finding art. 

Section 3: Three Phases & 16 Art Activities / Lesson Plans

  • The Three Phases in Section 3 each correspond to a different prong of the See, Think, Do philosophy. 
    • Phase 1 is all about learning to describe art, discussing visual qualities, and spending time with an artist’s body of work. 
    • Phase 2 is where students get to build social and historical context, compare and contract different artists and styles, and learn about art movements. 
    • Phase 3 brings it all together and asks students to create their own artwork! 
  • Section 3 includes 16 Activities & Lesson Plans, each of which can be infinitely repeated through choosing new artists from the Artist Profiles.  

Section 4: Bring It Into The Classroom: Art Resources 

  • Section 4 is chock-full of bonus goodies and resources including: 
    • An extensive Glossary of Art Terms,
    • An Art Supplies List developed by our partners at Blick Art Supplies,
    • A BONUS Mini-Mural Activity, 
    • And tons of Helpful Blog Articles from the IPMM blog. 

Section 5: Additional Art Program Offerings

  • Finally, check out some of our other art programming offerings. If you enjoyed the IPMM Arts Education Curriculum, we can bet you’d love some of our other resources, including Video Workshops and a mobile Mural On Wheels workshop! 

Year-Round Support 

Another unique feature of the IPMM Arts Education Curriculum is our year-round support for all teachers using the curriculum. Upon purchase, we provide access to informative videos from our Founder, Evan La Ruffa, explaining each section of the Curriculum. You’ll also receive a Tips and Troubleshooting video recorded by our team to optimize your use of the Curriculum. 

Teacher Roxy Piersanti instructs her class.

Finally, you’ll be looped into a community of teachers using the IPMM Arts Education Curriculum where you can share ideas and connect. You’ll also have year-round access to the IPMM team, so feel free to shoot us thoughts, ideas, questions, or just a hello! 

Purchase The 2021/22 Arts Education Curriculum

To buy the IPMM Arts Education Curriculum, simply visit our shop. Once purchased, you’ll be sent a downloadable copy of the Curriculum document, as well as onboarding info, and access to our digital Permanent Collection. 

More questions? Contact us here

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Aug 02, 2021