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How to Commission Your Own Mural From IPaintMyMind

How to Commission Your Own Mural From IPaintMyMind

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Oct 19, 2020

At IPaintMyMind, one of our very favorite things is getting mural commissions! We love helping you execute your dreams and commission your own mural for your office or workspace – we even help schools with commissioning murals too. We also love how our beautiful murals give back to local communities and help to fund our arts programs in public schools! 

Murals are a gorgeous addition to your office building, and are sure to brighten your workspace. They uplift and strengthen your branding and reinforce your values and have become extremely popular in commercial spaces. Murals are an immediate way to visually communicate who you are and what you believe without putting lame marketing collateral all over your walls in an effort to communicate brand values.

Art allows you to not be so literal! It allows your space to sing, to engage, and to energize your team.The future of work involves employee and community buy-in. You have to wear your values on your sleeve, including your company culture and your vision. Building and keeping a productive and collaborative team requires a different set of skills in 2020. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

Our unique impact model takes everything we receive from our art consultation, art rentals, and mural program and uses it to fund our Shared Walls™ program in Chicago Public Schools. That means that choosing to commission your own mural doesn’t just look good, it fulfills your corporate giving goals and aligns with your company’s values. 

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The Easy Step By Step Process

1. Book your Free Art Consultation Call 

The first step on your mural journey is to book your FREE art consultation call with one of our experts. We’ll ask you about your vision for the mural, as well as general questions about your company, your mission, and your culture. We have plenty of styles to choose from and are excited to figure out the perfect fit for your space. 

2. Curator Intake Call or Site Visit

The next step is a curator intake call or site visit, where one of our art-savvy curators will tour your space, whether in-person or via Zoom, to check out the dimensions, vibe, and spatial needs of your future mural. They’ll discuss what kind of art you like, and what color palette fits your creative vision. We love the relationship, and oftentimes, the friendship, that we develop with our partners in these first two steps. We really are here to give you the best possible finished product, and can’t wait to get to know your business. 


3. Select Your Artist 

After getting to know you, we’ll recommend some artists we think would align with your space and your needs. You can select your top pick, and get started! We have a huge and diverse range of artists that work with us, and we know that you’ll find the perfect person for the job.  Next, we’ll whip up a custom timeline and start the clock on creating your mural! 

4. We Create Your Mural!

Finally, here’s the good stuff. We create your mural for you. And that means we take care of absolutely everything, from handling, installation, materials, and even documentation. You just sit back and relax! We’ll even provide you with a professional photography and video catalogue that you can share with your clients, employees, and community to let them know how your new mural is taking shape. 

5. We Give Back Together!

And as the last step, we provide you with a list of community spaces that you can choose to gift a brand-new, FREE art exhibition to, funded entirely by the cost of your custom mural. We invite you to be a part of the installation process and get to know the community that your charitable gift impacts first-hand. Bring the whole office, and be a part of our philanthropic cycle where we turn art into social impact! 

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IPaintMyMind + Linkedin: Social Impact In Action

To see our Mural program in action, check out our incredible mural at Linkedin’s Detroit office. With one 30-foot custom mural, we were able to give back to over 500 local students with a free art gallery and curriculum tools (part of our Shared Walls™ program). Pat Perry’s mural “Beekeepers” was a tribute to the urban beekeepers of Detroit. It was a perfect example of how an office mural can represent a company’s values, engagement with the local community, and vision for the future.  

Start The Process Today 

We’re so excited to connect with you and get started on the awesome journey to commission your own mural. We want to help you take your workspace to the next level at the same time that you give back to your community. 

Contact us to get started today!

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Oct 19, 2020