The WOW Factor of Office Murals - The WOW Factor of Office Murals -
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The WOW Factor of Office Murals

The WOW Factor of Office Murals

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Sep 19, 2022

When you walk into an office, what do you expect to see? Probably blank walls or uninspired randomly chosen artwork. Maybe a wall decal with the name of the company. These things aren’t disappointing, but they don’t excite visitors. They don’t inspire or engage, and they aren’t likely to make an office stand out. It’s hard to remember what an office like this looks like, or to distinguish it from the dozens of others you’ve seen lately. 

Now–let’s try this scene again. You walk into an office. Right ahead of you, the wall is bathed in color and line. A massive wall mural is painted the length of the lobby wall. The mural is bright and welcoming. It makes you think and later when you leave the office, you remember the mural. You associate it with the company. It makes you think about that company in a different way. You can match its innovative business practices and unique products or services with a similarly unique and creative office space. 

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That’s the WOW factor of an office mural in action. Maybe your office is welcoming a client who is shopping around, or you’re trying to close an important deal. It may not seem relevant, but a bold and interesting office mural can help you stand out from the crowd. 

Now, imagine if the mural also supported a charitable local cause. Lots of companies talk about charity or corporate social responsibility, but how effectively do they act on it? A permanent office wall mural is a beautiful acquisition for a company and physical proof that you’re dedicated to giving back. 

The Latest IPMM x LinkedIn Detroit Murals: Office Murals in Practice 

As an innovative, expanding company, LinkedIn prioritizes keeping their office space aligned with their values and identity. We recently had the opportunity to help them design and execute three new workplace murals for their Detroit offices. LinkedIn chose to feature Detroit artists Sheefy McFly and Mike Han, as well as Columbus artist Miss Birdy

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Each mural is representative of the diverse styles of their creator: whether Mike Han’s abstract symbols, Miss Birdy’s floral imagery, or Sheefy McFly’s graphic expressionist style. The three murals are each visually striking in different ways, inspiring different emotions and ideas. They also represent LinkedIn’s identity as a company. 

LinkedIn is vibrant and diverse, at the cutting edge of their industry, and rooted in their Detroit community. The diversity in style of the three muralists and their finished designs reflects each of these traits visually! There’s a place for everyone within these three murals and room to test out new ideas. 

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Solving the Problem at the Heart of the Workplace 

Retaining talented employees is tougher than ever. There are many things you can do to foster a positive culture, but one of the most important is demonstrating the company’s commitment to charitable efforts and giving back. In fact, the turn over rate at a company that practices regular corporate social responsibility is proven to drop by over 50%. At IPMM, our custom mural services fund local arts education programming at underfunded public schools. Our corporate mural clients get to give back to a local school in need of arts funding while receiving an amazing custom mural and supporting a local working artist! It’s a win-win-win for all parties involved. Mural clients can share the details of the mural program with their employees, showcasing their commitment to CSR, while they bring new energy to the workplace. 

If you’d like to learn more about IPMM’s Custom Mural services, check out a run-down of the process here. You can also schedule a meeting with the IPMM team to discuss how a mural could fit into your space. 

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Sep 19, 2022